Monday, December 9, 2013

EBOOK FAQ: How to get reviews for my ebook?

To get ebook reviews, there are several methods, but they are not all compatible with one another so you must choose your strategy.

 Much used options for obtaining reviews of ebooks include:


  • A prepublication Advance Reading Copy file in epub, mobi, PDF or even Word format that can be sent to ereaders of reviewers. (Amazon KDP allows you to download your book file in MOBI format.)
  • Participation in Libarything’s pre-publication  Early Reviewer program for ebooks
  • Netgalley’s pre-publication program for publishers


  • Smashwords giveaway 
  • An Amazon KDP ebook giveaway for reviewers on a specific day (or days)
  • Gifting the ebook to specific reviewers through Amazon
  • Sending a file in MOBI, EPUB, or PDF

Attention: Librarything and Amazon both insist on exclusivity for ebook promotions, so you cannot have the ebook on both sites at the same time. You must choose your strategy. Likewise, Amazon will not allow you to enroll an ebook in KDP Select if it is available on Smashwords.

Except for the format, the pre-publication process for obtaining reviews for an ebook is similar to the process for a paperback or hardcover.  Identify the reviewers, press, bloggers and other readers you hope to reach. Prepare the pre-prepublication “press package” and ARC you want to send them.

After publication, however, the ebook format offers distinct advantages for obtaining reviews. With Amazon KDP you can schedule free giveaways of your book in the hope of reaching a large number of readers who will like the book enough to talk about it and reviews it.

It is advisable to give potential reviewers advance notice of the giveaway with social media, press releases or emails.

At present key reviewers such as Booklist, Library Journal, Kirkus and the NYRB do not tend to accept ebooks for review (except in one case ebook romances), but this may eventually change.

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