Monday, December 23, 2013

What are the pros and cons of an ebook?

EBOOK Pros: 

Publishing ebooks is fast, it’s inexpensive, it costs nothing to distribute, and, if readers like your ebook, they can buy it in great numbers with no extra logistical or financial effort from you. 

A terrific ebook that thrills readers has every chance of getting noticed over time, especially if the basic backoffice work of writing a good description and accurate categories and key words has been carefully done and there is some communication.  

 Also, if you discover an error or something that needs to be changed, you can fix it pretty easily and republish – if you have been careful about keeping track of your files.


It is so easy to publish an ebook that overeager writers may rush to publish a book that’s not sufficiently edited, polished, or corrected. 

There is much competition.   

Major traditional reviewers won’t review ebooks. 

The act of publishing alone will not confer legitimacy; only great reviews and commercial success will. 

Also – and this is a big drawback for many authors – you cannot hold an ebook in your hand and sign it for your fans.

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